Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Decision Has Been Made

I will be revamping this blog.  My daughter has turned 13 -- and has decided she wants to start to learn about what her cool mom does.  So this blog will be turning into the adventures of me and the kidlet. 

We're talking everything here times, bad times, all the in between times, the trials and tribulations of a single mom and her now teenage (and almost a freshman in high school) child.  Maybe one day I'll give her the URL of this blog and let her scroll through it on her own and find all the things her mom has had to say about....well, everything.

There will be cooking and crafting and witching it up at every turn.

I don't know how many of my awesome followers are still out there.....but if you are you're welcome to come along for the ride :D

Peace Out Muffins!!


Iesadora said...

I'm still here!!!! I don't have any kids but I think it will be neat to 'see' your experiences together!!!

Tea Witch said...

Awww....thanks lesadora :) I look forward to sharing all the fun stuff we do.