Friday, May 27, 2011

My apologies.....

for having been so quiet lately and for falling behind on my weekly posts. I have had a lot going on in my personal life the past few weeks. I am now in panic mode where everything needs to be done by yesterday......
You Tuesday, at the pre butt-crack of dawn, K and I will be departing for a road trip to New Mexico to see my mom for a few days. When we come back we will be +1 because I'm bringing home my daughter!! And all of the stuff that we can fit into the car that belongs to her. The rest will be brought down by my mom in mid-June. So you see....I'm freaking right the hell out.
Here's the daughter hasn't lived with me full-time since she was 5 years old. That's almost 6 years ago. I have this idea in my head of what my child should be.....and well, she isn't that kid anymore. She doesn't need my help picking out her clothes, making her breakfast, helping her out with finding a TV program or anything. She's almost 11....she's a heck of a lot more independent now than she was 6 years ago. This excites I get to meet and have a relationship with a completely new person; but it scares the hell out of me too. Granted...she's been here for vacations and school breaks...but that is so different from living here full time. There are going to be rules and stuff....and she's going to do her best to bend (if not completely break) every single one of them to see how far she can go with me. I'm sure this will make for more improved blog entries but at what length before I string her up on a broom??? LOL
So....we have the next few days to get the house in order. K is graciously giving her bedroom to the wee one and she will be moving into the den...which will be partitioned off with black-out curtains (eventually) for privacy. Not the most ideal situation....but I suppose it will work for now. K is the ever awesome night she's always the last one in bed anyways. It just makes sense. (Note....I will be continuing my search for a 3-bedroom home elsewhere) We haven't moved furniture around at all....and this morning I received a most distressing call from the ex saying that the bed I was going to get for the wee one (from a friend of his) had been stolen out of his storage unit (along with everything else in there and the one next to it). Well that damn near put me in a tailspin. I had my "moment" and then texted a very resourceful friend who usually can whip things that are needed for our group out of thin air. Lo and behold...she's got a mattress set in her garage that is perfectly acceptable to be used. I am one happy witch. :) And as an equally awesome godson's parents have a headboard and footboard that can be used on the bed. Can I just say....awesome :) And to top it off....K's mom just texted her to let us know she is helping with gas funds for our trip. This is a huge we are a broke pair. LOL
There are other things that I am dealing with in this mind of mine...but for now everything is taking the back burner until the wee one has been dealt with.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Prayer

Take a moment for all those devestated by the tornados that have hit the Midwestern/Southern states over the past week. I count myself (and my loved ones) as lucky. We missed any devestation yesterday here in Oklahoma.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Meditation Monday: Outside the Law

Sutra: Do not live in the world in distraction and false dreams, Outside the law. ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha. C.A. 500B.C.~
The mind never allows you to be where you are, it never allows you to see things as they are. Either it drags you inot memories -- which are nothing but footprints on the sands of time -- or it drags you into the future: great projections, great expectations, desires, goals.... And you become so much involved with them, as if they have some reality!
Live in the world, but not through the mind. Don't let the past or the future stand between you and reality. And you will know what Buddha calls the eternal law. You will pulsate with it, vibrate with it. You will be just a wave in the great ocean of the law. You will be in such attunement, in such at-onement, in such deep harmony and accord that the whole sky will start showering flowers on you, the whole existence will rejoice with you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless (Mostly) Wednesday: Messy Desks

If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign? ~Albert Einstein~
This is for Dark Mother. Rejoice for messy desks everywhere. I would have taken a picture of my own desk....but I can't find my camera :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Scones

What goes better with a good cup of English tea than a plateful of beautiful scones? Well, I'm sure we can think of a few things....but for today, the answer is nothing :)
I remember a time, about 6 years ago, when my daughter was in Girl Scouts. One of the troop meetings they decided to make scones. The end result....a mouthful of deliciousness that just wouldn't stop. They also made their own homemade butter in baby food was so cute watching a handful of giggly girls shaking the bejeesus out of the jars till I thought their brains might just shake loose. But they didn't...and their hard work was rewarded by huge compliments from all the parents in attendence.
It was worth the load of laundry to be done later.
So without further ado I give you a link to a website you can find your own scone recipies to create.....Yummy stuff was too difficult to pick just one. You can do an internet search to find the homemade butter...made the way the GS troop made it and the easier way that involves a food processer.
Have fun with it and let me know which scone recipie you decide to try. Happy Tuesday!!

Meditation Monday: Words

Sutra: Master your words. ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha. CA. 500BC~
Be telegraphic.
Listen only to that which is significant,
read only that which is meaningful.
Avoid the unnecessary, the irrelevant.
Speak only that which is to the point.
Make your each word your heart.
Don't just go on saying things
as if you are a gramophone record.
Ordinarily a mind is full of words -- relevant, irrelevant, rubbish; all kinds of words go on gathering inside you. Two persons are talking; you simply hear, and those words become part of your mind -- for no other reason, accidentally. You heard two persons talking. You have become burdened. You go and you read the signboards, and those words become part of your being. You read unnecessary advertisements. In magazines, people read advertisements more than anything else. Or you go on gossiping with people, knowing perfectly well that this is just useless, a seer waste of time and energy. But words are gathering inside you like dust, layers upon layers, and your mirror will be covered by them.
When Buddha says, "Master your words," he means to be conscious. Why are you saying something? To whom? And what is the purpose of it? Be clear, otherwise be silent.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mediation Monday: Quick To Do Good

Sutra: Be quick to do good. If you are slow, the mind, delighting in mischief, will catch you. ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha. CA. 500B.C.~
To do good means to share, to love, to serve, to be compassionate. And these are things that the miserly mind cannot do. But it will not say, "I don't wnat to do it," because that will not be very diplomatic. The diplomatice way is "tomorrow" -- postpone. Mind is a bureaucrat.
If you wait, the mind is going to give you suggestions, "Do this, do that." Do the good immediately -- why wait? And who knows? -- the next moment will never come; this may be the last moment! Act with that urgency, because death can overtake you any moment. Don't listen to the mind. Mind can go on and on postponing things and, before mind allows you to do anything, death may have knocked you down. Do good, because doing good immediately brings joy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Poem for the May Queen

The leaves are budding across the land
on the ash and oak and hawthorn trees.
Magic rises around us in the forest
and the hedges are filled with laughter and love.
Dear lady, we offer you a gift,
a gathering of flowers picked by our hands,
woven into the circle of endless life.
The bright colors of nature herself
blend together to honor you,
Queen of Spring,
as we give you honor this day.
Spring is here and the land is fertile,
ready to offer up gifts in your name.
We pay you tribute, our Lady,
daughter of the Fae,
and ask your blessing this Beltane.
**Poem found on I claim no ownership of this writing.**