Monday, July 18, 2011

Meditation Monday: Swift as a Race Horse

Sutra:  Mindful among the mindless, Awake while others dream, Swift as the race horse He outstrips the field.  ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha,  CA. 500BC~

That is the difference between a buddha and others.  Others are only dreaming, not really living, hoping to live some day, preparing to live, but not living.  And that day never comes -- before that day comes, death.
A buddha is awake.  Even while he is asleep he does not dream.  When desires disappear, dreams disappear too.  Dreams are desires translated into the language of sleep.  A buddha sleeps with absolute alertness.  The light goes on burning within him.  The body needs rest, hence the body sleeps, but he needs no rest -- the energy is inexhaustible. 
There at the center of his being, a small light goes on burning.  The whole circumference is fast asleep but that light is alert, awake.  We are asleep even while we are awake; he is awake even when he is asleep.



Magaly Guerrero said...

My dreams feel more like my story plots in a movie of my making; I enjoy them. The idea of complete alertness while sleeping is appealing, but only if it allows me to continue to explore the ideas my brain wants to translate into store.

P.S. I like that "smile" on the Buddha ;-)

Dreaming of Jeanie said...

Well, I've been dreaming a lot about my insecurities that I try not to think about during the day. I would say then that I need to "wake up" and deal with these insecurities during the day since I really don't enjoy these dreams I've been having. do I go about waking up and dealing with these things? gave me something to think about today.

Dark Mother said...

I'm not sure if this comment is on target with this post but as for dreaming, I have recurring dreams with regard to what is going on in my life. If I feel troubled in my marriage, I have the same dream everytime over and over until the same damn issue is resolved. Same thing with friends, my son and all that jazz. These dreams are reminders to pay attention to what is going on and that the issues will not solve themselves in that particular instance. Some intervention is definitely required. When I enact change, the dreams stop, immediately.

Clarity Meditation said...

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