Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Licorice Tea

I am fortunate that when I actually get around to doing a Tea Time Tuesday post that I'm suffering from one malady or another so that I can do a little research and share with the rest of you. Or is this really a good thing after all??? Currently....I'm suffering from a wisdom tooth that has broken off on the top and is now trying to come up. Causing the ragged edges of my tooth to press against the gum...causing swelling. Yay.....not.
So....today's tea is Licorice. You can also use Echinacea or a Tumeric and Calendula blend. Green teas have also been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. I, personally, am going to find some Licorice tea and see how effective it will be. Wish me luck.


Cordelia said...

Hello! Yes, I have you on my list. Sorry about the tooth, not fun at all. Healing wishes coming your way!

Ms Lilypads said...

Good luck with the licorice tea, and let us know it helped. If the pain is keeping you awake, try a strong mixture of spearmint, catnip, passion flower and skullcap. Mix with a light dose of honey. It may help you sleep.