Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Dandelion Tea

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Today we're going to start a little something different.....I have this collection of cards that I got from something called The Complete Guide to Natural Healing.  I don't have all the cards that are supposed to go in the collection....but I've got quite a few to run on.  So....during the weeks that I'm actually healthy (lol),  I will pull a card from this collection and write about that specific tea.  Eventually, I'm sure, I'll run out of cards and will have to come up with another approach (like actually doing some research...lol) but until then....I'm going to use what's available to me.

So this weeks tea is Dandelion.  This humble little weed is actually quite useful to those of us that prefer to use natural ingredients to help with physical ailments.  Dandelion can be used to assist in the treatment of kidney and bladder stones, reduction of bloating and fluid retention, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  It can be used to stimulate the appetite by promoting digestion, and to alleviate intestinal gas problems.  Dandelion is also useful to use for skin cleansing and as a rejuvenating regimen for the body.  People will sometimes use this to clean out the body after a long winter in preperation of the lighter foods/activities/etc. of the forecoming spring.  I think the most interesting use for dandelion is the roasting of the roots in order to use them as a substitute for coffee.  Yes folks....this Tea Witch does love herself a good cup of coffee :)

If you would like any of the recipies for the above issues that use dandelion, please let me know and I will be happy to either post them or send them to you directly.

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Ms Lilypads said...

When searching for an herb for PMS discomfort, I learned by accident that dandelion acts as a diuretic. Ugh! I'm not sure if i spares potassium. though.