Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meditation Monday: You Are The Source

Sutra: Mischief is yours. Sorrow is yours. But virtue also is yours. And purity. You are the source of all purity and all impurity. ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha. CA 500BC~
The mistake, the greatest mistake
a man can commit,
is to think that the climate
is created by outside forces.
It is not created by outside forces;
it is your inner decision,
your inner will. It is your choice.
It happens on the outside,
but it arises from the deepest core
of your being. It needs very alert
watchfulness to see this point.
Once you have seen it you need not
live in hell at all. Why should you choose
hell once this is understood,
that it is your choice?
A completely transformed human being is born the moment you accept your responsibility for yourself, the moment you say, "Whatsoever I am is my choice -- not of the past but of the present. It is my choice of this moment, and if I want to change it I am absolutely free to change it. Nobody can hinder me -- no social force, no state, no history, no economics, no unconscious, can hinder me. If I am determined to change it, I can change it." ~Osho~
Alright people....here it is. The message for the week. Accept responsibility for yourself, your life, your personal sitation and all the rest. If there is something about any of the above that you don't like....get up and do something about it. Ah...this is a perfect message for me this week. I will be taking this one to heart my friends. As someone who has been thrown into an emotional upheaval for the past few months....it's time to get off my duff and do something. I can only allow myself to wallow for so long before it just becomes annoying. I will stand up, take responisibility for my actions, reactions, feelings, etc. Snap out of it!! Stand up and get moving...make the change you find so necessary! Nobody else is going to do it for you......if you need help...ask; but don't expect necessary change to happen overnight and without some sacrifice from your own self.
How many of you will stand with me???


Dreaming of Jeanie said...

Count me in!!! I love, love, love this post. You got me thinking today. Thank you!

Penny said...

how do you always know when I need a bit of a smack upside the head??? Wonderful post!!

Tea Witch said...

You are both very welcome. :) Penny...call it a witch thing. LOL. I almost didn't pull a card today due to the fact that I'm just worn out. Glad I did...glad I could help you.