Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meditation Monday: The Yellow Leaf

Sutra:  You are as the yellow leaf.  The messengers of death are at hand.  You are to travel far away.   What will you take with you?  ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha.  CA.  500 B.C.~

Dust unto dust, any moment and death is going to possess you.  Tomorrow may never come, even the next moment is not certain.  This is the only moment you can be certain of, next moment you may not be here.  What are you doing to prepare for that great jouney into the unknown?  Have you earned anything that you can take with you?  If you have not earned anything, then your life has been a sheer waste.  You may have accumulated much wealth, you may have become very famous, but all that is futile.  You cannot take it with you.  Your degrees, your titles, your awards, all will be left behind.  You will be going utterly alone.  Is there something which you can take with you?  There is only one thing that you can take with you, and that is true wealth.  Buddha calls it meditation, awareness, watchfulness, mindfulness, consciousness.  If you become more and more conscious, you can take that consciousness with you.

On a personal note...I never see these kinds of cards foretelling of an actual death (although that's not to say that they can't).  What I see in this, for me, is the fact that something major is about to happen.  An inevitable shift in my own reality.  Which is true....I've had a lot of upheavals lately.  My financial situation, my job satisfaction level, my home life has changed a lot over the last four months.  Things are about to put into motion which will make several of these huge changes a lot more permanent and to be completely honest...it scares the shit out of me.  But this card has reminded me that I need to live in the now, be present in the now (while preparing for the future), live with no regrets and be more mindful.  What does it say to you??


Dreaming of Jeanie said...

Wow, I almost don't know what to say to this one. I have been thinking a lot about death lately, and that's the thought that scares the shit out me. I'm not sure why I have been having so many "And you will die, too" slaps in the face, but I know it seems to make everything more urgent. I want to take love with me, and the knowing that I didn't waste the time given to me, and the thought that I made a difference in the lives of some people. I'm working on it, but I feel like there's more I want to do. Let's hope the Goddess gives me time to do it. I have more to learn in this life.

Dark Mother said...

I've pulled the Death card before, and it was always during those times of utter chaos and upheaval. Once the dust settles, the sun rises and a new journey begins. Put your head down and get through this learning every bit of the way so you have that knowledge when the dust settles and it's time to begin again.

J Annie Finland said...

"significant change or transformation thats what it means to me." It can mean "death" of an "old" way of life to make way for a "new" way of life. It usually deals with some important and necessary changes in one's way of life or thinking. It's kind of like "one door closing so that another door can open." I have pulled this card a lot lately!! Don't be afraid...life is a great journey!

Ms Lilypads said...

I'm more of line with you -- To me death is the beginning, not the ending. Oh, and please check your email's spam box because I just emailed you (from Sharon)

The Blue Faerie said...

It really does make me wonder if there is a card for death. I always here that the death card doesn't mean physical death, but what does?

I'm with everyone else in that I usually take this to mean a great change. Whether it's positive or negative depends on the full reading. Otherwise, I would say this particular one means beware of peacocks - they're obviously suspect. :P