Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday: Scones

What goes better with a good cup of English tea than a plateful of beautiful scones? Well, I'm sure we can think of a few things....but for today, the answer is nothing :)
I remember a time, about 6 years ago, when my daughter was in Girl Scouts. One of the troop meetings they decided to make scones. The end result....a mouthful of deliciousness that just wouldn't stop. They also made their own homemade butter in baby food jars...it was so cute watching a handful of giggly girls shaking the bejeesus out of the jars till I thought their brains might just shake loose. But they didn't...and their hard work was rewarded by huge compliments from all the parents in attendence.
It was worth the load of laundry to be done later.
So without further ado I give you a link to a website you can find your own scone recipies to create.....Yummy stuff here....it was too difficult to pick just one. You can do an internet search to find the homemade butter...made the way the GS troop made it and the easier way that involves a food processer.
Have fun with it and let me know which scone recipie you decide to try. Happy Tuesday!!


Just A Gal said...

Yummy scones!

Dark Mother said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, droooooooling over here!