Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meditation Monday: Words

Sutra: Master your words. ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha. CA. 500BC~
Be telegraphic.
Listen only to that which is significant,
read only that which is meaningful.
Avoid the unnecessary, the irrelevant.
Speak only that which is to the point.
Make your each word your heart.
Don't just go on saying things
as if you are a gramophone record.
Ordinarily a mind is full of words -- relevant, irrelevant, rubbish; all kinds of words go on gathering inside you. Two persons are talking; you simply hear, and those words become part of your mind -- for no other reason, accidentally. You heard two persons talking. You have become burdened. You go and you read the signboards, and those words become part of your being. You read unnecessary advertisements. In magazines, people read advertisements more than anything else. Or you go on gossiping with people, knowing perfectly well that this is just useless, a seer waste of time and energy. But words are gathering inside you like dust, layers upon layers, and your mirror will be covered by them.
When Buddha says, "Master your words," he means to be conscious. Why are you saying something? To whom? And what is the purpose of it? Be clear, otherwise be silent.

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Dark Mother said...

"Be clear, otherwise be silent"

Words to live by my friend.