Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Link love and stuff

Not much going on in my corner of the universe this week. I know that I missed this week's posts on Mon, Tues and Wed (oh wait...that's today isn't it?) See...I don't even know what freakin day of the week it is. *sigh* I'm uber-tired ya'll that's all. Taxes were, of course, involved getting the "husband" (I have got to find a new name for him...any suggestions?) over here to the apartment. It didn't go too badly overall. I didn't kill him....not even a little bit. He cracked a few jokes, I cracked a few jokes....well...I made more than several snarky remarks that I found hilarious but got me one of his typical "really? you're kidding?" looks instead. He took his computer with him when he left...which is my den looks strange and a whole lot emptier. Of course this is a good thing if that ends up having to be used as a bedroom for a while. And over the past few days, I have found a few links from Elephant Journal that I want to share with you. Read them....let me know which is your favorite from either one (or both) of the links. Article 1: Permission Granted! and Article 2: 10 Ways to Deal with.... Read and Enjoy. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and having Friday off. And then I work on Saturday and I have Sunday off!!!! That will be the day I do nothing. Friday will be for laundry, getting my bank account started, more organizing and packing of his crap. Sunday will be for sleep, reading and playing on the interwebz. *sigh*


Penny said...

You could always call him "he who shall not be named", but that is a bit long lol.

Dark Mother said...

Nicknames, you want nicknames? You've come to the right place.

Dickless Wonder
Ball-less Wonder
Tiny Tim
Minute Man
Fuck Nugget

That should get you through ; )

Rue said...

Lol - DM has some great ideas there! Just wanted to let you know that you won the Self Care cards in my giveaway! Congrats!

MidnightSage said...

Glad you have a day off coming up...and i was going to suggest a few names for your husband but DM has some good ones hahahaha take your pick!

Dark Mother said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, but without more nicknames (in case those weren't enough, I've got more).

Anywho, I've tagged you in my post today :)

As an aside, my word verification was undies. tee hee hee