Friday, April 29, 2011

Beltane Blues

Beltane is upon us my friends....literally days away. Normally, I would be all excited over this holiday, as it's one of my favorites. I love the energy of's so....awesome. However, this year seems to be a bit....lacking. I seem to be in a bit of a metaphysical slump lately. The last full moon I was just "Meh" about. Beltane and this coming Tuesday's New Moon....Meh. Honestly....I could really care less if it comes and goes. And that's just not like me. I would say that I'm in a period of transition...but that doesn't feel right. It's more like I'm waiting for I'm in a holding pattern. But not really. Honestly, I have no idea how to describe I'm not going to try.

What I do know is....Beltane is almost here and with that in mind....I leave you with some Beltane correspondences. What is everyone going to do to celebrate? I will be spending my day at our local Arts in hand. If anything.....I might cook something Beltane related....just to observe in some way. We've all gotta eat right? LOL

Beltane Correspondences:

Other Names: May Day, Walpurgis Eve, Celtic Summer, The Great Rite, Floralia

Symbols: Flowers, Chalice, May Pole, May Baskets, Crossroads

Colors: Red, Green, White, Dark Yellow

Activities: Gathering Flowers, Wrapping the May Pole, The Great Rite

Taboos: Giving away fire or food

Animals: Goats, Rabbits, Honey Bees

Stones: Sapphire, Bloodstone (two of my personal favorites)

Foods: Dairy Foods, Oats, Honey

Plants: Hawthorn, Rose, Rosemary, Lilac, Birch

Attunement Teas: Burdock, Damiana, Hibiscus, Rose Hips

Ritual Oils: Passion Flower, Rose, Vanilla

Mythical Creatures: Faeries, Satyrs, Pegasus, Giants

Key Action: Take Action (ie...Get up and Do Something!)

Goddesses: Aphrodite, Artemis, Blodewedd, Diana, Flora, Cybele, Freya, Rhiannon, Venus

Gods: Cernunnons, Cupid/Eros, Frey, Puck, Baal, Odin, Pan

**This is by no means a complete list. All information was gathered from Sabbats: A Witch's Approach to Living the Old Ways by Edain McCoy**


Isha Ethera Tirawa said...

Oh, you will be fine, this year is going to be but a solitary celebration for me, thinking about maybe going out, but for the most part beltane this year is approaching in a more subtle way. I trust you will get out of the transitional phase, you may just need to experience something new.

You should do something traditional though, just too see what it brings, and how you feel, may be helpful ;)

Thanks for sharing, have a lovely time!


xoxox Isha

"Winter Slytherin" said...

I find myself feeling this way with many Sabbats as well, especially ones leading toward summer. But summers where I live are so hot and heavy that motivation can sometimes be hard to come by. Hope you'll feel more refreshed as time moves on. :-)

Ms. Espy said...

Maybe all you need is a little down time? Celebrate in a quiet personal way. Iknow I get overwhelmed sometimes and I just want to stop doing, doing and more doing.

Just A Gal said...

Oh, mama, I hear ya on that one. My Beltane Blues come from continued problems with my husband. No celebratory nookie for this girl. But, I will go for a walk in nature, cook something for myself and light some candles. If this one's not a happy Beltane, then here's to the next one being great. Hang in there!

Ms Lilypads said...

I'm pumped for Samhain or Winter Solstice, but that's about it -- unless someone is having a witch's swap to celebrate the seasons. If a witch is having a swap, then count me in for the season's celebration.