Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meditation Monday: Sammasati

Sutra: Sammasati. ~The Dhammapada of Gautama the Buddha. C.A. 500BC

The last words of Gautam Buddha were Sammasati -- "Remember." In a single word, everything significant is contained. Sammasati: Remeber what is your inner space. Just remember.

There is nothing to achieve, and there is nothing to become. You are already that which you have been seeking in all your lives in different ways, on different paths. But you have never looked inwards.

Just for a few secods sit down with closed eyes to remember, to make note of where you have been, to what depth you have been able to reach; what is the taste of silence, peace, what is the taste of disappearing into the ultimate ... Look in. Ad whenever you have time, you know the path. Just go again and again to the inner space so that your fear of disappearing is dropped, and you start remembering the forgotten language. Sammasati ....

Be silent. Close your eyes.
Look inwards as deeply as possible.
This is the way.
At the very end of the way, you are buddha.

And the journey is very short -- a single step.
Just total urgency and absolute honesty is needed
to look straight into your own being.
There is a mirror; the mirror is the buddha.
It is your eternal nature.
Deeper and deeper, you have to go in
until you find yourself.
Don't hesitate. There is no fear.
Of course you are alone,
but this aloneness is a great, beautiful experience.
And on this path you will not meet anyone except yourself.

Relax, and just be a watchful, witnessing mirror,
reflecting everything.
Neither do those things have any intentions to be reflected,
nor do you have any intention to catch their reflections.
Just be a silent lake, reflecting, and all bliss is yours.
This present moment becomes no-mind, no-time,
just a purity, a space unbounded.
This is your freedom.

And unless you are buddha, you are not free.
You know nothing of freedom.
Let this experience sink deep
in every fiber of your being.
Get soaked, drenched.
When you come back, come back drenched
with the mist of your buddha nature.
And remember this space, this way,
because you have to carry it out twenty-four hours
in all your actions.
Sitting, standing, walking, sleeping,
you have to remain a buddha.
Then the whole existence becomes an ecstasy.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I was stressing over my Art Journaling submission today. I read this post before going for a walk. This like was singing in my head as I walked "Relax, and just be a watchful, witnessing mirror,
reflecting everything."

I read it again when I returned and this line "Then the whole existence becomes an ecstasy" resonated.

Thanks for sharing! You are indeed Witchy Enough.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Came back to snatch your blog button, do take mine if you like ;-)

WhisperingWriter said...

I liked this.

Just A Gal said...

This is beautiful.