Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time for a Break

Due to some personal issues that have occured over the weekend...I will be taking a small break.

I hope to be back next monday (after all the v-day crap) and back to my regularly scheduled (or not now) life.

For those of you who have other ways to contact me.....feel free to talk to me during my blog break. I might even catch you up and let you be angry/hurt with me :)

Love to all my tea-drinkin witches (and non-witches)


Dark Mother said...

I hope everything is ok my witchy friend.

The Blue Faerie said...

Okay, Tea Witch:
1. You totally deserve a break if only for the fact that it's winter and a mammal's natural time to chill.
2. We're not going to get made at you! If anything we'll send you weird comments and random phrases gotten of episodes of Scrubs. Banana hammock!
3. I agree with Dark Mother in the hoping and the things being okay department. :)

Rest up, and we hope to see you back, smiling & healthy soon. :)