Saturday, February 19, 2011

Full Moon Beauty

So...this is a crappy picture taken with my cell phone from the highway out of a moving car last night. I couldn't resist snapping a quick one as She rose up over the horizon of my beautiful city. My observance of her was done on Thursday was a lot more clear and there was no chance of rain, so it made sense.

Now...anybody who knows me well can tell you that I'm a water baby. Me and water go together like peanut butter and jelly. So...with all that's been going on, I figured it would make sense to get out there and revel in the beauty of the moon with my feet being embraced by the water that I love. Well...we got out to the lake and went to the water and I felt off. It just wasn't what I needed. I felt almost anxious and really uncomfortable. Thinking about it in hindsight...water dealing with emotions and made sense. So....we went to find another spot (away from water) and found this awesome clearing in some trees and just plopped down to do our own things. My whole objective was to go out there....ask the Goddess for guidance and to apologize for being the laziest Pagan on the planet. I went out there to reconnect with the Divine and recommit myself to my path. Again. I'm horrible ya'll...truly.

So...we get to our clearing and go off to do our own things. I plopped down on what looked like a comfy poof of grass and threw myself on the ground. Laid down, absorbed the light of the moon, breathed in the sweet, clean fresh air and planted my bare feet on the rock solid earth. Instantly I felt better than I have in a week. It was like everything that had been wrong, all the emotions that have been raging through my brain just went away. They flowed from top to bottom out of me and into Mother Earth. And I gave them away....just let them go. And I cried....silent tears just made their way out of my eyes and onto the ground. It was amazing. When I felt ready, I opened my eyes and marveled at the Moon and the stars and then I saw this cloud....and I swear to you it was the Goddess in cloud formation. She was awesomely beautiful. My heart and soul were filled with peace and love. I laid there for what felt like hours....realistically it wasn't even 30 minutes. But it was the best thing I've done in a long time.

I have promised Her to be more diligent in my (for lack of better wording) get off my damn ass and be spiritually productive. LOL

So...dear readers and friends....tell me...what do you do when you feel you've let yourself wander off your path? How do you bring yourself back to where you need to be?


Dark Mother said...

I consider wandering off the path part of the path. Now put that Zen in your pipe and smoke it : )

Seriously though...simply sitting down and lighting a candle and taking a moment to connect with my breathing is a good nudge.

Just A Gal said...

Ooooh, that sounds so amazing. It's so nice to get outside and soak Her in. I need to do that, too. How do I bring myself back to where I need to be on my Path? I gather inspiration from sources such as yourself, I take a cleansing bath, light some candles and get back on my way. ;)