Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well...it's here, the last week of my time with the wee one. And I'm sad. The time I had with her flew by...there's this little voice in the back of my head saying, "No way in hell it's been seven weeks already." But it has....*sigh*

She leaves on Friday. I get to put her on a plane....by herself...alone. I'm not happy about this at all. First off...she's nine, she shouldn't have to fly by herself. Second...what if something happens to her? What if she gets kidnapped or hurt or she gets scared and there's nobody there to comfort her??? Third...what if the damn plane goes down or blows up or something equally terrifying????? See...these are the things that my brain has been dealing with for the better part of seven weeks and now they are right there in the forefront of my mind. So not cool....

But for now...I get to enjoy the next few days with her and then look forward to Thanksgiving/Christmas time :)

Today's thing to be happy about.....watching a leaf descend.

Image found at: http://www.callieart.com/photo%20page/falling-leaf.jpg

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday: Oops...

This weeks episode will not appear....obviously, considering it's Wednesday. Was completely exhausted yesterday and couldn't focus on keeping my head upright, let alone attempting to put together a nifty bit of reading. So...Tea Time Tuesday will be back with bells on next week. In the meantime....I leave you this excerpt from an article I found on the Elephant Journal site. I read this and got goosebumps from head to toe....it's a very powerful affirmation and I hope you enjoy it.

" I won’t go with the flow. I am the flow, the torrent, the surging, roiling, tremendous flood waters. I am sweeping away this disappointment. I am sweeping away self doubt. I am clearing, shoving, throwing, smashing, rolling and flowing. I am a forward pressing force of nature. No prisoners. Intruders to my well being are being banished to dissolve. I am pulling my obstacles down with the undertow of my passion and I am being released above into the sunlit sparkles of gentle ripples of self- love and light."

You can find the full article here: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/07/the-water%e2%80%99s-on-fire-hilary-lindsay/

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Free Time

Ah...my weekend. It's awesome and I love it. Granted, I will only have these wonderful two days off in a row for the next few weeks, but I'm going to love every second of it. Even if it's spent entirely indoors because it's too insanely hot to go anywhere for long without the fear of our skin sizzling like bacon or my car overheating and blowing something.

The wee one is enjoying time with her stuffed animals, new coloring book and pencils and Galaxy Quest (I don't even know....I can't stand that movie) and I'm a mere three feet away, giggling at her running commentary and preparing to brave the heat long enough to go do some laundry.

In other news...I think I have officially broken my dependence on Wal-Mart. I used to go to Wally World for everything. I am pleased to say that I have only shopped at Wal-Mart once in the past few months. And it was one of their Neighborhood Markets....for food only :) Yay me! I had a mini shopping list that I had to tend to today and I got everything I needed at a Dollar General. Spent about 35 dollars on items that I would have more than likely dropped almost twice that at a WalMart. I have successfully saved a little money this week. Now...to plan my lunches for next week so that I don't spend a ton of money I don't have on fast food stuffs. Wish me luck....

Giveaway Shout Out...

So...there's this blog and it's pretty awesome. Here's the link to it...


I'm thinking...if you have a minute or ten to spare you should really go check out this blog and read every entry :) There's a pretty cool giveaway going on right now too....cookbooks...love cookbooks. And just in case you missed it...here's the link again. Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday: To start with...

I can't even think of a decent title for today's edition of Tea Time...it's sad. My brain has been on auto-off all day long. I don't even know where the majority of the day went. I got off work at 530 and before I knew it 930 was here and it was time to put the wee one to bed. I don't even know....

So in lieu of doing anything really major for today...I have just one question:

What is your favorite kind of tea??

Mine...well...I can't answer that with just one type, obviously, but right now I'm pretty well tied up between chai

and chamomile.

They just make me happy. So happy in fact, that when I went to the library yesterday w/ Ang and the wee one, I found a book on Chai Tea and went absolutely bonkers :) It's now all mine for two weeks (unless I renew it...tee hee).

Have a fantastic rest of your Tuesday....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Here comes....

the sun? Oh I wish. We have had rain...nothing but rain and clouds (with the occasional burst of sunlight) for just about a week solid now. It's been a freakishly wet summer here in Oklahoma and I'm not happy about it at all. How on earth am I supposed to take the wee one out on adventures and such when everything is water logged or it's so depressing outside all you want to do is stay in and watch movies?? I really, really hope it's not this gross next summer when she visits. I would trade this for the East Coast heat wave in a heartbeat. So....in light of that...a positive thing for you.

Today's thing to be happy about.....Chocolate Mint

and this kind too....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday

Welcome, welcome!! Here it is...the beginning of the surprise that I've been knocking back and forth in my brain for the past few weeks. Tea Time Tuesday is here.

As I'm sure you have noticed my blog title has a reference to tea in it...the tea closet. And I'll tell you why....I have a cabinet in my kitchen. It's a good sized cabinet. It is used as a spice cabinet and a place to store my tea. This cabinet has three shelves...only the bottom of which has spices on it. The other two are over-flowing with boxes of teas. What can I say....I like tea...a lot.

Tea is wonderful....bagged, loose, iced, hot, room temperature. It's a wonderful way to take a few minutes out of your day to escape with a contented sigh to a state of pure bliss. Or is that only me? I used to live in Japan a number of years ago and fell in love with the tea ceremonies that I had the good luck of seeing. There is something so enchanting about the slow, deliberate movements each step takes. It's amazingly magickal.

So here, on Tea Time Tuesday, we will take a few moments...brew a cup and talk about tea. Different kinds of tea, different methods of preperation, different additives to your tea, all things tea. So, if there is anything you would like to see...let me know and I'll do my best to fulfill your wishes.

An extra day....

off work for me. Not exactly what I wanted...or how I wanted to get it. I woke up this morning in order to get ready for work and was greeted by a migraine the size of Canada sitting on top of my skull. I'm already working part-time...and now I have to call in cause I can't see straight enough to stand up. Awesome. So I called in....boss lady was none too pleased (not that I blame her) and then managed to feel my way to the hallway closet to dig out my magic migraine pills. Popped two of them and went back to bed. Three hours later....the wee one wakes me up with kisses (which is totally an awesome way to wake up) and the splitting pressure in my head has been reduced to a little more than a dull roar. The wee one is watching Pirate's of the Carribean (Curse of the Black Pearl) and the action shots make it feel like someone's shoving sporks into my brain stem...but other than that the pain is manageable.

So, I have another day off work and maybe today I can accomplish something productive. I need to get some laundry done, the carpets vacuumed and maybe even my bathroom cleaned. Goddess knows it needs it. And maybe even start to assemble my altar. Isn't that a novel idea :) We'll see what happens anyway....

Today's thing to be happy about.....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Washed up....

or out depending on how you look at it. It's 4th of July weekend...I should have known that it was going to rain and be all gross and stuff. Not that I don't like the rain...I love it. Just not when I have plans that involve being outdoors with a kid. Makes things a little difficult to accomplish.

The rain started moving in last night so we opted to go and watch Toy Story 3 at the theater than brave the streets of the art district for the art walk. I'm thinking we should have done it anyways....cause it's pouring today. And we're supposed to go to the art walk today. *sigh* A mom just can't win....

The movie was amazing though!! I personally think it was the best one of the three. And there are some awesome movies coming out w/in the next year on the kid circuit. They are finally getting the third Narnia movie done and there's a Smurf movie coming out next summer....so excited!! And there's a movie about a race horse that's coming out that's based on a true story....can't remember the name of it currently but it looks really good.

Anyways....here's hoping that the fireworks displays aren't cancelled tonite...I'd be uber-bummed.

Today's thing to be happy about......M&M's. Pretty and insanely colorful. Especially on a rainy, cloudy day like today :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I am so fortunate that I get a three day weekend for the holiday. Ok...so mine began yesterday but still.....it's three days off work :) That makes me uber-happy.

Yesterday was a hang out day for me and the wee one. I did laundry and attempted to pick up the house (which has stayed surprisingly neater this week) while she played on the computer and did some of her Reading work. We (well..she) went swimming for about two hours when it was cooler and later in the day. Then we came up and had a leftovers dinner and watched a movie together. She picked out Nightmare Before Christmas....one of my faves :) There was a little bit of a temper tantrum before bed....she got mad at me over a blanket issue. But all was forgotten this morning when she woke me up with hugs and kisses and grins a mile wide. I love that part of her being here....it's impossible to wake up grumpy when you have your own child beaming at you six inches above your face.

Today we hit the malls and an art walk in the Paseo District this evening. Tomorrow and Sunday we're looking at fireworks. There are still a million and one things I want to do with her....I just don't think I have enough time. I keep having issues with my car that are sucking us dry financially....ugh. The other day...I ran over a screw resulting in a flat tire while I was at work. Yeah...that was fun. But....it will all be ok. It will all be ok. This is what I keep telling myself so that I don't go insane.

Couple more loads of laundry and I'll be completely caught up. And I'd really like to vacuum the carpets at some point. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!! Stay safe and have a cup of chamomile when it's all said and done :)