Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday

Well...not really. It's 130 in the afternoon and I'm still drinking coffee and lounging in my pj's. It's nice....I wonder why I don't do this more often actually.

A bit of excitement happened here last night. Angie broke her ankle. Poor thing...I feel bad for her. Not like pity bad....she would hate that. But bad in the sense that I know exactly how frustrated she is at not having the use of both her legs. It's a maddening feeling really. She goes to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to find out if she's going to need surgery on it or not. I really hope she doesn't have to go that route...but who might be good for her. Maybe they can fix it so that she won't have an issue with it anymore.

I've kinda hit a wall with this blog thing. I mean it's fun to sit here and write down all my thoughts and ideas and my little lists of things to share. But for some reason I feel there should be something more. I would like to do I don't know. I think it's cause of the fact that I don't think a lot of people even know I'm here....not that I expect them to know...I created this for me in all honesty. I just see all these blogs on the internet with their hundreds of followers and people leaving comments left and right and I wonder...can I do that?? I would like to think so. Maybe it's the name of my blog....maybe it's not catchy enough?? I like it...and I guess that's the most important part of it right? As long as I'm happy with it and I like it...who gives a damn what anyone else thinks. OK.....rambling over. Wow....go fingers.

Anyways....I've got three days off work this week :) *happy dance* I've got to start preparing the house for my daughter's impending visit. She'll be here on the 8th of June for 6 weeks. I'm stoked and terrified all in the same breath. I get to meet my little girl all over again. Should prove to be an interesting time. I truly hope that I survive it. to do something mildly productive. Won't be able to get a whole lot done today. Angie's laid up on the couch and the hubby will be home in a few hours to sleep before he has to go back to work tonight. So...a load of laundry sounds good. And I can delve into the second book of the Mayfair Witch series that I started reading. And Chinese food is in order today I think.

Happy Monday to you all!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook 5/20/010

Outside my is a beautiful day. Sunshine pouring through the windows and birds chirping and driving the cats crazy.

I am thinking...I shouldn't be on the computer. There's way too much I need to get done but I don't have the drive for it today.

I am thankful for...the roof over my head. Especially after the wicked rounds we've gone wit the weather lately.

From the learning rooms...doesn't apply yet. But am looking into going back to school soon. Also found a nifty website for the Global College of Natural Medicine. Looks very enticing.

From the kitchen...brownies have been made (with walnuts). Trying to figure out something for dinner. Thinking pasta maybe.

I am last good pair of jeans and a pink stretchy top from Old Navy.

I am creating...a mess of a to-do list in my head.

I am going...slightly crazy from the mess of a to-do list.

I am reading...The Witching Hour by Anne Rice

I am hoping...that I can find a summer program for my daughter to be in during her visit here.

I am hearing...the sound of my TV. Rich is watching Sci-Fi's Alice on our DVD player.

Around the house...a damn mess. Again.

One of my favorite things...this week is sleep. Can't seem to get enough of it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work this weekend.

Here is picture for thought I am of my favorite words.

Simple Woman's Daybook

Garfield Weighs in on Parties

I found this nifty little article in the June 2010 issue of Cat Fancy and decided that I have to share it with everyone....

Most people who are fans of Garfield know that his birthday falls in June (just like mine) and he loves a good party. He's decided to give us 52 reasons to throw a party. Here they are...

1. You've invested heavily in pinatas.
2. You're having a good hair day.
3. The flea circus is in town!
4. You need more bean dip in your diet.
5. All the cool kids are doing it.
6. You can't think of anything boring to do.
7. It's national disco appreciation week.
8. You just won a yodeling contest.
9. Elvis told you to in a dream.
10. You need something funny to upload on YouTube.
11. You're really in the mood for some bad karaoke.
12. You're not wearing pajamas.
13. The weatherman finally got it right.
14. Somewhere in the world it's happy hour.
15. You need to have as much fun as you can before the world ends in 2012.
16. The cops couldn't make those charges stick.
17. You're practicing for when you win the lottery.
18. You don't want to offend the party gods.
19. You feel like damaging a few million brain cells.
20. You went a whole day without misplacing the remote.
21. The vet says your iguana will pull through.
22. You have a Ph.D. in partyology.
23. You just bought a gross of cheez puffs.
24. You don't want the pizza guy to feel neglected.
25. Nostradamus prophesied it.
26. You just got an e-mail saying you won the Nigerian lottery!
27. Grandma finally found a denture adhesive that works.
28. Your groove thing needs a good shaking.
29. You just added another Facebook friend.
30. At your last check-up you were cavity free.
31. You just made 60 gallons of punch.
32. Because it's daytime.
33. Because it's nighttime.
34. You want to listen to all 10,000 songs on your MP3 player.
35. You like to make ice.
36. You just had your accordian tuned.
37. You found your keys!
38. The moon is in a party phase.
39. You want to annoy your neighbors.
40. You made it through the day without a wardrobe malfunction.
41. You need something to Tweet about.
42. You finally potty trained your virtual pet.
43. Four out of five doctors recommend it.
44. The universe is expanding.
45. You have a sudden urge to "limbo".
46. A party demon has possessed your body.
47. You want to try out your new belly dancing moves.
48. You need an excuse to fill your bathtub with guacamole.
49. You can't resist a good water balloon fight.
50. You just sent your one-millionth text!
51. You like to pile other people's coats on your bed.
52. One word: fondue!

What can you add to the list??

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


in a million different directions and there is no landing pad in sight. I'm sure that things will be better after this coming weekend. Too many things going on in the dark abyss that my mind has been lately. Can't focus on anything. Been sick the last few days. Angie says it's probably stress....she's probably right. Who knows...frankly...who cares. Right now...not me.

So...I'm going incognito for the next week or so. Will be back among the living soon enough.

Something to be happy about today....stone gargoyles. I've always thought they were really cute.