Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nifty Stuff

Hey there shiny happy people....

There's this cool little giveaway thing going on at Ms. Bella's blog. She's giving away a $55 gift card code to the CSN Network site. There is a plethora of goodies on this website. I found some really nifty stuff for myself. I tell you...this website went into my favorite's list. I'm going to be moving into a house by the end of this coming summer so this will be an awesome site for me to visit when I set up the new place :)

Go here.... to read about the giveaway and enter for yourself.

Good luck my lovelies!!

1 comment:

The Blue Faerie said...

Thanks for the link, Tea Witch! I always wonder how bloggers get these CSN certificates to give away in the first place. Do they contact CSN & say, "I have a blog. Give me stuff to give to people!"? Does CSN contact them? Is there a special list you can be on? WHAT!?

If you know, fill me in. :)