Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday....Yes, I'm tardy :)

So...I've been dealing with this wicked cold and was too tired to even attempt a blog yesterday. I went to bed way early and slept like the dead. I'm feeling a little better today....throat is less sore and my head doesn't feel like it's stuffed full of cotton batting. However, I still can't breath. I detest not being able to breath. It makes me grumpy.

In light of this awesome illness that has taken over my immune system...I'm dedicating this weeks Tea post to teas to drink when dealing with cold/flu/or other onslaughts to the immune system.

For sore throats: Slippery elm and licorice teas are wonderful soothers. Marshmallow root tea can also be used as it's an anti-inflammatory. Combine all three herbs for a powerhouse tea to help with that sore throat.

For breathing issues: Black teas (oolong, etc) and even coffee are used to open up the lungs airways as they contain compounds that help to clear out mucus. Caffeine is an excellent bronchodilator. Chamomile tea is used as it has many useful's an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, etc. Combine w/ Rose Hips for extra Vitamin C and a sweet taste.

Peppermint: Used to induce sweating to help break fevers.
Ginger: Helps to relieve nausea, as well as muscle aches and pains associated w/ the flu.
Thyme: antiseptic properties that help to heal infections.
Rosemary: contains disease fighting compounds.
Eucalyptus: cools inflammation and eases congestion.

The 5 herbs above can be used not only in teas but can be combined into a pot of boiling water and used as a vapor tent.

Remember to use a natural sweetener like agave nectar or honey for your teas.

What teas do you use to help relieve the symptoms of colds/flu/etc.??

**Please do your research on these herbs and make sure they don't react to any regular medications you may have to take. Also make sure that you aren't allergic to anything before consuming. Double check with a doctor if you are unsure.**


Cellar Door said...

O Healing Tea, We do owe it to thee! I'm so sorry you are feeling poorly. Once, when my achoos were giving me a much harder time than any nose should have to put up with, Gemmama poured me the best spot of tea ever: Warm Fuzzies (colorful craft pom~pons) trickled from the teapot spout! Indeed, what a cup o' kindness! This might be just the brew you're looking for. lol! Be well soon.

Cellar Door

Aleta said...

I didn't know about most of these. Thank you so much for sharing. I often suffer from sinus issues, so this list will definitely come in handy!