Monday, September 20, 2010

Pagan Pride

I have had several days to process and over-analyze the local Pagan Pride Day and I must say that my feelings haven't been soothed one iota since Saturday. I'm not sure if it's because I expected something more or the fact that last years was so much better...but this years local PPD left a bitter taste in my mouth and a heavy feeling in my heart.

They probaby should have deemed it Pagan Flea Market Day....that's all it was really. Don't get me wrong...I have absolutely nothing against the local crafters (Pagan or otherwise) getting together to sell their crafts...but at an event that is supposed to harness the essence of Pagan Pride, don't you think there should be more than just that? I sure do.

There was one room in the whole building (oh, yeah...did I mention it was held in a church building? It was a UU church, which is cool and all, but still...I think it should have been outside) that, to me, held the spirit of what was being done for the local community. There were only two vendors in this was doing an aura/spiritual cleanse for someone and the other side of the room had tarot readers...but there was something different in this room. There was a better feeling...a feeling of union, peace and understanding. It was awesome and the only highlight of the entire event.

I'm hoping that next year's will be better...but I'm not getting my hopes up for it. Of course, by that time I might just decide to hold my own. Seriously....

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spiritamethyst said...

You should definitely hold your own next year :)