Thursday, September 2, 2010

No longer MIA

So here we's been just about a month since I last posted here.'s been a while. I've been uber-busy after the wee one left. Working, socializing, trying to find some sort of balance in my life so that I'm not wasting hours and hours on the computer. Still working on that last one by the The hubby's truck died about two weeks ago....that's been fun let me tell you. We're still trying to find him another vehicle but with the budget we have to work with, it's proving to be difficult. My car, however, is loving the fact that it gets to be on the highway almost every day. Go figure....

I've spent the last four days without internet beyond what I can manage to pull up on my phone. It's been hell....I think I might be addicted people...seriously. It's kind of a scary thought. Those apps on facebook will be my undoing, I'm sure of it. I think about cutting some out and only playing those that I really like...but then I like them all or else I wouldn't be playing them. I have to figure out how to cut some time consumption off of that site, it's sucking the life out of me. I want to use my time for more constructive things....reading, painting/drawing, craft making, hanging out with friends. Yeah....I'm gonna work on that.

I saw the stats tab on the site this morning and I discovered that people are actually coming here to my little corner of the cyber world. I'm amazed to say the least. I kinda figured that I was just posting for myself and the 8 people who are currently following me....which is awesome in itself...but there are more of you out there. Cyber's awesome. LOL So, now that I know this I am going to make a commitment to post a little more regularly. We're talking more than once a month to start. I'll get back into my Tea Time Tuesday posts (since there have been only 2 this ought to be easy) starting next week. I want to thank those that have stopped by and at least gave it a cursory's appreciated.

Today's thing to be happy about....Sunlight streaming through a window.


SpiritAmethyst said...

I have you on google reader so I don't accidently miss a post ;)

I deleted my facebook account because I was spending too much time on it, mainly playing the games (which incidently drove me nuts as they slowed or crashed my laptop). I think if you can't bear to delete your FB account, delete all the games. I know it sounds crazy, but I was addicted to certain ones and now I'm over it.

I find now I have more time for blogging or gardening. These are far more productive than sitting for hours on facebook, lol.


macsgarden said...

Make that 9!
I know what you mean... I had to get rid of all the distractions at FB. Oh, I'm still there and posting now and again but no more of those damn apps. Yup, sucking the life out of me would be accurate. Feeling much more grounded & balanced. I deserve that. So do you.
Gorgeous pic! I look forward to reading!
Love, love, love... xoxo