Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Weekend....

It started out really good...hung out with one of my best friends on Friday. Went to another friends house yesterday and got to see my godson. Played poker, ate brisket, had a great time. Got home kinda late and could feel a headache in the back of my skull. Figured I was just I went to sleep. The hubby woke me up at 6am to take him to work (which I got irritated at because I had to be back at home by 630 in order to get ready for work) and WHAM!....Hello migraine. Oh I was not a happy person. The hubby looked like someone had poured him into a kaleidoscope and I was uber-dizzy and nauseous.

I had to close my eyes in order not to have a terrible mess all over my carpet (and hubby's shoes). Told him to take the keys....I wasn't going anywhere. I took a few migraine pills and laid back down...incredibly thankful that it was still dark. Closed my eyes for what seemed like 5 min, only to open them and see that it was 3 hrs later and I had to call into work (I was supposed to be there at 8). Needless to say...they weren't too happy with me and now my supervisor and I get to have a "talk" when I go in tomorrow (praying the migraine stays sleeping). Normally...this wouldn't be a big deal at work...but it's the third time I've called in with a migraine in the past month. This is highly unusual for me. I might get one or two of these beasts a year....not three in a month. I'm sure that it has a lot to do with all the stress lately and erratic sleep schedules....but I have to figure out something. I can't go to a Dr. about it because I have no insurance and can't afford to pay the hospital bill.....can't even afford the meds.

I just pray that everything levels out soon. I pray we can find the hubby another vehicle soon. I pray we can get caught up on our bills soon.

I think I'm going to go take a bath and relax some....maybe crack open a book and see if I can read that for a bit without my head feeling like it's going to explode.

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend.....I'm going to try and savor what's left of mine w/ some down time and leftover brisket ;)


spiritamethyst said...

Hope you feel better soon. Living in England, we have the NHS, and although lots of people moan about it, I canjust go to the doctor's, or to the hospital without worrying about the cost. Sure, the NHS is in a right state, and you have to wait for hours to be treated in a hospital, but it is there. xxxx

Diandra said...

Same here... Migraine started about 3 years ago, with 1-2 attacks per year, and since December I have had a dozen, I guess. Have you tried a migraine diary? (I haven't, but I know it might help.) With many people I know it's certain food that triggers migraine, or spending long hours in front of an old monitor.

(I never go to the doctor, although I have insurance, and my migraine medication includes coffee, sleep and lots of fresh air if I see the signs early enough.)