Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy, happy....

Bithday to me!! I turn 30 years old today folks. It's very strange to say that, think it...let alone believe it. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it yet. So phone has been going off since 830 this morning and I had quite a few wall comments on's nice to be loved :)

The kiddo's been here going on four days now. It's been truly awesome. We haven't done much in the way of fun stuff...mainly just hanging out at home enjoying each others company. She's a typical almost ten year old. Likes to stall when I ask her to do something and delay bedtime as long as she can. But I'm working on finding a balance between the cool mom and the disciplined mom. It's not as easy as it looks. My little sister is here as in the day after the wee one. She'll only be here through the that's good. The house is a bit crowded w/ 5 of us here. Despite 1100 sq. ft.

My week of vacation is almost over and then I can go back to work. I'll only be going back part time that's going to hurt a little bit. But we'll manage...we always do.

Ang's foot is not healing like we hoped it would. She's finally out of the cast (after two or three weeks) but I think they should have left her in it. She's in so much pain and it hurts me to see...I can't fix that. She goes back to the dr. in a week to see how it's doing and then I believe they will be discussing surgery options. Something Ang is terrified of. This too shall pass.....

Well...due to all the excitement from the past week, I missed my first post of the new thing I would like to start now you get to wait till next week :) I'm excited as I get to write about something I love :) And the only clue you'll get.

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Leeanna said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it will be a great one hon.