Monday, June 7, 2010

Bundle of Nerves

I'm a nervous wreck. I've been so high strung and stressed out the past few days (ok...more like a week) that it's driving the hubby and Ang crazy. The in about 4 or 5 hours my daughter will be staying with me for 6 whole weeks. I'm terrified. You see...I haven't spent any significant amount of time with the girl in 5 years. Sure...I've gone to visit when they lived in Texas, but most of those trips were just weekend visits. And there were always other family members there (Mom, Grandmother, Sister). It was never just her and me. So, yeah....I'm a wreck. I know things should be's just the nervous apprehension. The blatant upheaveal of our lives in order to accomodate another person (and yes...I'm aware of how selfish that sounds...but it's true). *Deep, deep breath*

In other news...the tattoo is healing well (finally). Ang got really worried about how red it was at first and the fact that my ankle was ridiculously swollen when I first got it done. But it looks much better now and has reached the itchy stage. I want to peel the skin off my leg it itches so bad. LOL.

I will be starting a new series of posts here at The Closet. They will start on Tuesday (not sure if it will be this Tuesday or next yet) so stay tuned!!

Hope you all enjoy your Monday! I know I is the first full day of my week long vacation :)


Leeanna said...

Don't worry'll be fine. Maybe you could have her blog for you a few times while she's there, that's if she's old enough. It would give her something to do. Try it. Bet it would get her into the blogging world.

Jennifer said...

You'll be fine, I'm sure she is excited to just be there with you. Have a great time!