Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garfield Weighs in on Parties

I found this nifty little article in the June 2010 issue of Cat Fancy and decided that I have to share it with everyone....

Most people who are fans of Garfield know that his birthday falls in June (just like mine) and he loves a good party. He's decided to give us 52 reasons to throw a party. Here they are...

1. You've invested heavily in pinatas.
2. You're having a good hair day.
3. The flea circus is in town!
4. You need more bean dip in your diet.
5. All the cool kids are doing it.
6. You can't think of anything boring to do.
7. It's national disco appreciation week.
8. You just won a yodeling contest.
9. Elvis told you to in a dream.
10. You need something funny to upload on YouTube.
11. You're really in the mood for some bad karaoke.
12. You're not wearing pajamas.
13. The weatherman finally got it right.
14. Somewhere in the world it's happy hour.
15. You need to have as much fun as you can before the world ends in 2012.
16. The cops couldn't make those charges stick.
17. You're practicing for when you win the lottery.
18. You don't want to offend the party gods.
19. You feel like damaging a few million brain cells.
20. You went a whole day without misplacing the remote.
21. The vet says your iguana will pull through.
22. You have a Ph.D. in partyology.
23. You just bought a gross of cheez puffs.
24. You don't want the pizza guy to feel neglected.
25. Nostradamus prophesied it.
26. You just got an e-mail saying you won the Nigerian lottery!
27. Grandma finally found a denture adhesive that works.
28. Your groove thing needs a good shaking.
29. You just added another Facebook friend.
30. At your last check-up you were cavity free.
31. You just made 60 gallons of punch.
32. Because it's daytime.
33. Because it's nighttime.
34. You want to listen to all 10,000 songs on your MP3 player.
35. You like to make ice.
36. You just had your accordian tuned.
37. You found your keys!
38. The moon is in a party phase.
39. You want to annoy your neighbors.
40. You made it through the day without a wardrobe malfunction.
41. You need something to Tweet about.
42. You finally potty trained your virtual pet.
43. Four out of five doctors recommend it.
44. The universe is expanding.
45. You have a sudden urge to "limbo".
46. A party demon has possessed your body.
47. You want to try out your new belly dancing moves.
48. You need an excuse to fill your bathtub with guacamole.
49. You can't resist a good water balloon fight.
50. You just sent your one-millionth text!
51. You like to pile other people's coats on your bed.
52. One word: fondue!

What can you add to the list??

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Jennifer said...

Wow, that has been changed. It originally came from a 1988 book called, "The Garfield How to Party Book" back before youtube and all that. Now I need to pull out my copy and read the original.