Thursday, April 8, 2010

I found my Zen....

and apparently it was hiding in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Well, at least this time it was. I spent Easter weekend w/ my Mom, myself and some amazing scenery there. It was way past time for me to "get away" and I'm glad I did before I was driven to some desperate brink of sluggish routine. I got away before I snapped. And that is a benefit to not only me but those that I care about.

My only regret....I didn't get any pictures of me and Mom together. Kinda makes me sad. She got pics of me and I got some pics of her...but her and I...well, we kinda dropped the ball on that one. *sigh* Oh well...maybe next time. She wants me to come out to Zuni, New Mexico (where she lives) and spend a week out there with her. I must say...that I'm strongly considering doing it.

So...I'm back home and I feel a thousand times better than before I left. I feel more at peace in my own head. And for the first time in a long time...I'm determined to keep that feeling. I've decided that it's my Zen and I'm not going to let anyone else corrupt it.

I guess that's it for now....I will post more later about what all we did in lovely New Mexico (maybe even squeeze in a few pics here and there. In other news...I figured out how to create a button for this site :) Yay!!! So now I have a button and I've set it up to where you can have it too. Enjoy!

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cosmicvoid said...

Even though it gets pretty hot, NM is one of the few other states I could imagine living aside from Cali. Glad you got your zen on!