Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring came rushing in....

With a roar, boom, a crash and a distinctive crunch. I woke up on Saturday morning to the sight of snow. A lovely carpet of white fluffy stuff covered the ground. The roads didn't appear to be too bad...especially after the onslaught of weather we had recieved over the Yule holiday season. So I prepared to go to work w/out a second thought. Got into my car, after unburying it, and set off on my way. Well...about 22 city blocks from my parking lot...I got into my first significant accident ever. This idiot Okie driver decided I was driving too slow and whipped around me like I wasn't even there. I tapped my brakes ever so slightly so that I didn't end up rear-ending him and I ended up going up and over a curb and slamming into another once when my tire had hit a slick spot in the street. (Yeah...I know...huge run on sentence jealous of my mad grammer skills. LOL)

I, of course, freaked out and after a quick body check called Angie and woke her up from her 3 hr. slumber. I then called work and told them that I would not be in. Called the hubby and let him know what was going on and since I knew that he didn't have any tools or anything that would help in this particular situation, I then called a good friend of mine and begged him to come and rescue my car. So, he came and helped us :) He's awesome. Came was relatively ok...with the exception of my passenger side tire's rim being bent all to hell and back. So for the past few days I've had to live with my car being slightly lopsided because of the donut. But today...hubby came up to work and made my car pretty again :) He even got me shiny new hubcaps. I'm overjoyed and happy to be driving my car again.

So...yeah...that was how my Equinox was brought in this year. Not the best way to start spring but I'm so grateful that it was nothing super serious and that I'm ok and nobody else was hurt in the incident. Nothing else major to blog about right now. The days are still ticking by minute by minute. Although me and the good friend who rescued my car are making plans for a Saturday nite of poker and future plans of getting together to do more stuff (ie. live more!) when the weather is consistently warmer. We're talking about bike riding, baseball/softball, golf, tennis, basketball, etc, etc, etc. We were talking today how it totally sucks to be an adult and having to be at work when the weather is so nice. All both of us wanted to do today was ditch work and go outside and play :) Vacation time is going to be a blessing this year....yup, yup.

Well....I'm off!

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Magaly Guerrero said...

I loved reading this post. You might be thinking "Mean Witch!" but hear me out. You have a gift, my luv. You took a tragic moment, described it vividly, but didn't leave your reader (or yourself) dwelling after the facts. Life goes on, and we should remember that when things look gloomy. Even your title is a sweet winner!